Thursday, 30 August 2012

The start of my Jaime Oliver Project...

“Anyone can cook!” The line made famous by the movie 'Ratatouille'. Truth be told, I just do not have that knack nor the culinary instinct to cook well.

Don't get me wrong. I can steam and boil soup, and the sole motivation for me to put effort in such activities was to feed my children my definition of 'home cooked' food!
However, the mention of steaming and boiling as part of my cooking skills to fellow friends, all I get was raised eyebrows followed by this question..."You call that a skill??"

And then I was watching another movie 'Julie & Julia', it inspired me that maybe…just maybe if I try to attempt my journey to improve my culinary skills in a systematic approach, I could prove the statement if indeed “Anyone can indeed cook”…OR NOT. And if Julia Child started to dabble with serious cooking at the age of 36, perhaps I may have some hope…
Although I may not cook that well, I do enjoy watching cooking programmes especially Jamie Oliver’s shows and Chef at Home Michael Smith. I love how Michael Smith cook without a recipe and Jamie...that personality is just simply charming that makes you want to look at him longer.

But for this project/challenge, I have decided to face Jaime and his recipes. So, here’s my journal of my attempt to face 100 Jaime Oliver’s recipe in 6 months!

Now where did I put my apron? Ops, I don't even have one!! Yikes!