Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Attempt #65: Chicken Club Sandwich with a Twist!

Now, why do I call this as Chicken Club Sandwich with a twist? 
Well, it calls for an interesting salad dressing base consisting of pear, cucumber, tarragon (herbs), english mustard, yogurt and apple cider vinegar. 

The result:
Super healthy, light sandwiches with a Mediterranean twist. 
And oh, this goes into the picnic basket along with the Guacamole that I made in Attempt #64. 

Spicing the wrapped sandwiches up with some Aussie flags in conjunction with our Straya Day picnic! 

Attempt #64: Classic Guacamole

Picnic food, BBQ food or even drinks night....Guacamole is a sure winner! Well, for me at least. Coupled that with corn chips, it satisfies my weakness for chips in a healthier way instead of Pringles! :) 

Guacamole is also fantastic with fajitas or as a based for sandwiches too!

The Result: 
Creamy and yummy. I was very careful with the amount of onion and coriander ratio into the entire mixture as I didn't want it to be too sharp to the palate. Plus, when making Guacamole ahead of the party also means that the Guacamole may turn brown or it gets watery. 

I did squeeze on a layer of lime juice to cover the guacamole and I popped it into an airtight container and remove them from the fridge just before I leave for the party. It works - thankfully! 

JO's rendition:

Recipe and the preparation method can be found here: 

Attempt #63: Sweet cherry tomato and sausage bake

Jamie calls this the ultimate one-tray comfort food, and I cannot agree more.

It was a beautiful evening spent with dear friends and making this really fun, super easy and more importantly, super yummy!

The Result:
Pic here taken with the yummy and complimentary salad that my friend made.
I used German and Italian pork sausages and the herbs made the german dogs even more flavoursome and tangy (from the tomatoes).

Jamie's rendition:

Recipe and cooking method can be found here :