Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Attempt #70: Beetroot, carrot & orange salad

Minus the Beetroot (as the kids never liked them and it is an acquired taste even for adults!), the combination of carrots, oranges and sesame seeds was gorgeous! I took a close up shot on my phone but it was not captured and I did not realized this until we finished the entire platter of the salad.

To quote Jamie...
“If you’re looking for a salad you can make all the time, this is the one. It’s great with everything from leftover beef or slow-cooked lamb, to oily fish or crumbly cheeses, such as feta. ”

I have to attached a pic from Jamie's website. For the recipe, click on this link 


Attempt #69 : Slow cooked Lamb Shank

I have never tried to cook lamb before but this is soooo good and really easy. It was tricky to handle 6 lamb shanks in the wok initially but with much help from a dear friend, we made it!!

The result:

The actual recipe can be found from the enclosed link below: