Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Attempt #3: Creamy Asparagus Soup with a Poached Egg on Toast

Result of my soup in 4 words. Tasty but visually ugly.   

I wanted to make something simple and fast for this attempt. Saw this recipe for Creamy Asparagus Soup with a Poached Egg on Toast on Jamie Oliver’s website and thought would be a good choice since my kids love asparagus and eggs! However, it didn’t turn out as fast nor as pretty as Jamie’s rendition.

Nothing much I could say further except to show the pictures. Here’s a side by side comparison of the result of Mr Oliver’s Cream of Asparagus Soup and mine.

Same recipe but different outcome.

I had trouble with blending the asparagus in the soup and making the poach egg. I used a handheld blender but the content of the hot soup kept skirting off everywhere outside the pot. And the poach egg, hats off to the folks who can make perfect poach eggs!

Visually,  I think my soup even made melted ice-cream looks good. Sigh…

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