Sunday, 21 October 2012

Attempt #6: Home-made crab cakes with a hot blackened salsa

Biggest mistake was not to get fresh or premium crabmeat. So, should you plan to attempt crab cakes, make sure that you get premium crab meat. And try not to get flower crab as these are not as sweet as other types of crabs in general.

Another unique element to this crab cake recipe (link to Jamie's website) was it doesn’t ask for eggs or breadcumbs or flour to hold the patties together. Instead, the recipe asked for potatoes and mashing the steamed potatoes together with the crabmeat.

Although I did pop the nicely shaped patties into the fridge overnight which was supposedly to help hold the patties together, I still had a difficult time trying to keep them together when frying them. In the end, I still had to re-shaped them into patties for the presentation of the finished dish.
My rendition:

Jamie's rendition:

Result: As I bought frozen flower crabmeat, I couldn’t taste the crabs nor its sweetness. Instead, it felt more like having potato cakes L
But the salsa recipe was yummy. Think we enjoyed the salsa more than the crab cakes this round.

Curious Corner:
How many potatoes make up to 500gm?

That was my first challenge. Well, for those who doesn’t have a weighing scale readily available, 500gm of potatoes is about 4 pieces of a medium sized potato.
Here’s a photo to help you make that gauge. Hope this helps!

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