Monday, 5 November 2012

Attempt #14: Stir-fried vegetables (ala Jamie Oliver style)

This is a sweet surprise!

My first attempt on a Jamie’s recipe that is very asian / oriental in taste. The recipe calls for sesame oil and sesame seeds. I have never fried my vegetables this way before and I have learnt a new method of frying veg!

The result:
Thought the idea of slicing the mangetout (or snow peas as it is commonly called) was great idea. I am never a fan of eating those snow peas as it gets quite ‘raw’ in terms of taste and if you get the ‘older’ ones, the texture can be quite hard to chew. By slicing thinly and also mixing with the other vegetables, you can now get all the health benefits of a snow pea without having a hard time to chew and swallow it (esp for the folks who don’t really like your vege to have too ‘raw’ a taste).
Link to recipe on Jamie’s website. Click here. 

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